Friday, January 4, 2008

Joey's Prayers

A few times during this whole thing, Julie stumbled into the boys' room at night after bedtime to find Joey kneeling down at his bed praying for Andy.

A couple nights ago I stumbled into the boys' room to find Joey kneeled at his bed thanking "Jeezis" for helping Andy to be "almost done being sick."

He's 4 years old but he's mature well beyond his years.

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Anonymous said...

Hi you guys,

We're so glad Andy's doing well. That's such a sweet story about Joey. He is one interesting kid; the best part of our block party for me this year was listening to him tell us a story. I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. If Emma and Andy take after Joey though, you're going to need about 10 more ears each. Hope you have a good weekend. It must be strange having regular weekends again.

Joe & Mary across the street