Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wait For It...

Before the CT scan we were 90% certain that he was cancer free. We are now 99% certain that he is cancer free. His CT scan looked wonderful.

We will be 100% certain once his AFP numbers come back. Remember, we want it to be less than 10. If it's not back by the end of the week they'll draw blood again. It takes so long because it's not done onsite, it gets sent offsite.

Andy will go back the first week of February just to say hello to everyone and just see how things are going. No tests, no nothing. Just a check.

In 3 months Andy will get another CT scan. We will then talk about taking out his port. By that time they're saying that he'll be old enough to take a hearing test without being sedated. Yay! So there will probably be a couple of follow-up hearing tests.

The kids will be returning to the babysitter in March if all goes according to plan. I'm thinking we may have our Cancer Sucks party in April or May when it's a bit warmer out.

More in a day or two when we get his AFP numbers.

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