Wednesday, September 5, 2007

day by day minute by minute

Andy had a really good day today. He is really back to his old self just in time for his next round of chemo. He sits on the floor and plays and plays just like a baby should. In fact he plays with toys more than Joey and Emma do. It has been a long week even with the holiday on Monday. Although Monday was the frst day in a long time that I actually did absolutley nothing. I sat in front of the boob tube all day watched a marathon of No Reservations, great show. Then Tuesday hit and it was back to work and the doctor's office. The visit Danny warned me would be a very long time and that I should find someone to watch the kids. So God bless my mother. I was not there as long as I thought I was going to be and Andy was in a great mood the entire time until we got into the exam room. The doctor and I had to stand in the hallway it was the only way we could hear each other. Andy did not like the room. After the appointment it was back home and back to work. Andy went down for a nap as did Joey and Emma and I went to work. Work contrary to my husband's issues mine has been a God send. They set things up so that I can worlk from home on a daily basis and for the most part I have been able to get in 8 hours a day. The kids are great when I am working but when I am done they are extremly happy. Joey asks "Mom are you done for the weekend?" I would love to say "Yes!" but I can't. We are also in the process of potty training Emma, what a time. Whoever said girls are easier than boys lied. So tonight after the kids went to bed I went to work. Now I am sitting here tyoing this and waiting for Danny's flght to land. I can tell talking to him he is ready to be home and yet he did not want to leave. He just called he is home taxing on the runway. Talk about up to the minute updates. Okay enough of me rambling I need to go turn Joey's t.v. off that is the only thing that I hear through the baby monitor. Good night all.

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Anonymous said...

We misss you at work and can't wait for Andy's FULL RECOVERY!!!!!!! We try to keep your office tiddy!