Friday, September 21, 2007

Chemo, Counts, Bachelor Parties, & Pretentiousness

Vincristine today.

Andy's counts are normal! Weird...

Bachelor party. Looks like I'll be there. For how long? Unsure.

And I still have a mental image in my head of my grandfather wearing a foil hat. (my aunt Jerrie gets the joke)

Grandpa. Tucson. I'm thinking about a smidgeon of a comment I left on Grandpa's obit guest book. I mentioned I probably won't ever go back to Tucson. I love my 2 or 3 remaining relatives there, but now that my aunt Kay and my grandfather are both gone (they lived next door to each other), I think it will be too painful. Plus, it's finally happened. Since the early 1990s I've been watching the LA folk invade Tucson and turn it into another LA. It has now happened. Tucson, AZ has become an LA-style snobtown. My two biggest pet peeves are political correctness and pretentiousness. Tucson, like SoCal, has become a haven for both.

It's unfortunate. I used to love the place. Hell, I used to live there.

Oh well, there's always Vegas! (and I have family there too!) ;)

Speaking of Vegas... Jerrie & Al, get ready! Julie and I are coming out to Vegas when the whole Andy thing is over. Yes, after many a year, we'll finally get around to taking our honeymoon. I don't know how we'll afford it, but screw it, we're coming out! See ya in 6 months!


Anonymous said...

Well that sounds like a fun time that you boys will be having at your sleep over party.
I bet you'll be so full of ice cream and cake that you wont have any room to swallow those gold fish or punch each other in the arm or talk about girls. You crazy kids these days!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the B-day wish. We've been out of town all week, without computer access.

I'm glad Andrew is doing better. Sounds like you had it really rough for awhile there. I can't blame him, I'd scream till my throat was raw if I had been through all that he has. Poor guy doesn't even know what's going on or why he's there. He's certainly a fighter though.

I hope you were able to go to the bachelor party. You need a fun time once in awhile.

I love you guys more than you know. Take care and better days are coming.

Great Aunt Carolyn