Monday, September 24, 2007

Small, Medium, and Large

I'm too much like my grandma Key when it comes to names. I keep forgetting the kids names, or I'll call Emma "Lauren" before I remember she's Emma. I call Andy "Joey" a lot. From now on, I'll just refer to Andy, Emma, and Joey as Small, Medium, and Large, respectively.

We go back to the hospital Wednesday. Cisplatin Wednesday. They'll take a CT scan of Small on Thursday. This will show us what the tumor looks like now. This will be the definitive proof that the tumor is getting smaller. I can't wait. Friday we are discharged.

Who says chemo stops development? Small has been climbing to a stand on the couch and is now walking along the couch while holding on.

Speaking of development, medium is really building a vocabulary. And large is coming along with his letters and numbers. Today we did a little addition. 3 + 1 = 4! :)

And for my family who keeps trying to e-mail me and having it bounce, it's: "ariesgeek 2-year-olds-are-a-pain-in-the-ass". Get rid of the spaces, and substitute an @ sign for "2-year-olds-are-a-pain-in-the-ass". Apparently you're hitting "Reply to All" but my e-mail address is wrong in the original e-mail.

Recap: Chemo cycle #3: Wednesday Cisplatin. Friday 5-FU and Vincristine. A week from Friday and the following week are Vincristine. Then we do chemo cycle #4. Then surgery! Then 2 more chemo cycles.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a shorter address would help!

Anonymous said...

I think it's _____geek@gmai_.c__ but the pain-in-the-ass part is to keep bot spammers away. so's my underlines. rtfp again.

Anonymous said...

It's okay Barry....I mean...Jason...ummmm Sparky...oh whatever the hell your name is! 3+1=4.....he got it right?? Hmmm...obviously he is not a Fox product! small medium large....nevermind, I will leave that one alone! Andy is crawling around on the couch....I bet he could gain 100+ yards on the Rams (pronounced Lambs) defense! Speaking of yesterday's pretentiousness....why don't you call them tall, venti and grande?? Thought for the day....MMmmmmm...the Bread Pudding is extra runny tonight!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Rams (ewes), whazzup? Don't the front line like Markie?

I'm for shuffling up that front line like a deck of cards!

I'm thinking we've got some locker room issues going on.

Aunt Becky