Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Few Words

First, I should delve deeper into what the oncologist said regarding Andy's tumor. I told him about grandpa's situation and said I wanted to deliver to him some good news before he passes. So I asked his AFP numbers.

The doctor responded and said that his AFP numbers aren't in yet, but that he doesn't need to see them. The numbers are down. This is good. He said without a doubt the numbers are lower than they were.

He is responding to chemo in an abnormally good way. Normally a hepatoblastoma dies from the inside out and it takes AFP numbers and/or a CT scan to see if it's actually working. Andy's tumor is actually shrinking in size. Yes folks, it is actually getting smaller.

What does this mean? It means your prayers are working. Please, please do not stop! Keep the prayer chains going, keep praying for Andy, keep doing what you've been doing.

Something else I was thinking about. Who do I complain about a lot on this website? You guessed it. My dad! Dear old lovable old dad. You know why I complain about my dad? Because I love him so much that I can complain about him and not feel like crap for it. We just have that kind of relationship... And because he's easy to complain about when I really need someone to focus my anger or frustration on.

I truly have the best father in the world. He and I are like brothers for the most part, but when I need a dad, he shifts right into dad mode. I will never have to utter the words, "I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted me to be." I will never have to utter the words, "I blame it on my father" (or mother for that matter). I will never have to utter the words, "I've disappointed my father." I do, however, get the honor of being able to utter the words, "I've made my father proud" on an almost daily basis.

And although it probably doesn't count for much, he can utter the words, "I've made my son proud."

I'm truly blessed. I have a baby boy who is making a miraculous recovery from cancer. I have a toddler girl who is my grandma Kelley reincarnate. I have a boy who is the best big brother on the face of the planet. I have a wife who loves me unconditionally. I have the greatest brother, sister, father, mother, stepfather, in-laws, grandparents, and step-grandparents a guy could ever ask for. And when I was a kid, I had 3 (sometimes 4) sets of grandparents to spoil me at Christmas! ;)

...oh yeah.. and I have a dumbass cousin who is addicted to Keno. He's fun to laugh at. Yes, folks, he will go to the most exciting city in the country (Vegas) and spend hours playing the most boring f***ing game in the world. Keno. So yes, I'm blessed with a never-ending source of humor as well.


Anonymous said...

Wait a tic....Keno is non-stop entertainment...I mean, you pick balls drop...listen to "bink, bink"...20 times and then you hit the repeat button....OMG, how can anyone not see the ultimate loss of breath in that. There has been no more sense of perpetual fun since PONG!
Lemme see...was it not your father that almost got us killed by handing Mexicans X-rated pamphlets and flyers?? Was it him that almost got us kicked out of Casino Royale at the BJ table? You are have numerous people around that keep life both fun and funny. You also have many people that want things to go well with you guys! You are also very fortunate in many ways and it seems as though you know it. On a side old were you when you went to Tucson this past week??? And how old will you be if Geno's West opens again??

Anonymous said...

Hold on there! Is my favorite great nephew making fun of my baby????? How can that be? Besides his best game is picking cannisters. Now that's excitement. I do admit I had a blast with you at the bj table. Wasn't Joey actually supposed to be named BA?

I'm really glad Andy is doing better. We'll keep praying.