Thursday, September 27, 2007

CT Scan - Preliminary Results

Andy's oncologist looked at the CT scan and said it has srhunk by about 40% to 60%. More importantly it's almost all the way out of the right side of the liver. I got the impression she was hoping for more shrinkage, but she wasn't too upset with these results. Her main concern is if we need to cut back on chemo doses because of hearing loss.

Her next step is to meet with the surgical team and get their thoughts incase we need to cut back his chemo dose or stop chemo altogether because of his hearing. In other words, their thoughts on potential earlier-than-expected surgery. She'll get back with us.

So... Is it good news? Yes. Is it great news? Not really. Is it bad news? No. Scale of 1 - 10? About a 7.

Day by day.

While it's good news, I'm not as confident about everything as I was 20 minutes ago. I need some time to think.

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Brat Aunt said...

Hi Brat Neph,

It is good news about Andy. 7 on the scale of 1-10 puts him right up there. He is such a little trooper.

Kiss him for me.
Brat Aunt