Saturday, September 1, 2007

To Whomever Put Toys on my Grill...

Whoever it was that put the plastic toys on my grill at Andy's birthday party... You have destroyed my $140 grill (plus tax, thank you). The inside is coated with plastic that is burning, almost out of control. "Burning it off" is not an option, the grill is dead.

Thank you for destroying my grill, thank you for destroying my labor-day weekend BBQ, thank you for destroying my attempt at being back to normal for the weekend.

If it was you, it's time to step up and admit it, then replace my grill.

If you know who it was, I'll give you a cash reward for turning them in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cannot help you with the grill, but hopefully I can put a small smile on your face (goodness knows you desperately need it). I know this is not related in any fashion, but go to this webite and see all ya ever neded to know about when times were good!