Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Owe, I Owe, It's Off to Work I Go!

Wow. This is crazy for me. Here's the background: I grew up watching the generations that preceded me work their butts off only to wind up frustrated and distant from their families. Fortunately my parents weren't like this, but I observed, as I do now. I saw things around me. Like many in my generation, I swore I'd make my life revolve around my family, not around work. (FYI, I can be thought of as either the last year of X or first year of Y. I prefer the former, and given my personality traits, music, friends, etc., I'd say I definitely fall into the former.)

So in keeping with this, I worked my butt off from 1994 when I got my first job until 2003 when I had my first kid. It was nothing for me to put in 60, 70, even 80 hours a week, and most of my jobs were salaried. I did it because I wanted to, not because I needed the money or had to. Then in 2003 when my oldest was born I cut waaaay back. I now work 40 - 50 hours a week. With the work done at home during the evening, it's probably closer to 50 most weeks. Since this whole thing started with Andy, though, it's been closer to 40. In fact, it's been right at 40, not a single second over.

So with that in mind, this is very strange when I think about it. I knew this would be a busy week so I needed to get in some extra hours since I'm low on PTO and can't use EMTO for Andy. So yesterday I worked 7:00am - 8:00pm. Stumbled around the house after that then went to bed. I got up this morning, worked a little bit before we came to the hospital, went through all the hell at the hospital, then started working. I plan on working until midnight tonight so I'll have those few extra precious hours to carry into tomorrow, because I'll need 'em.

So think of it. I worked literally all day yesterday, did what I had to today, then worked the rest of the day.

I've been doing nothing but working since 7:00am yesterday and I'm not done yet.

Yes, I'm working right now, I just have a script running, so I need to wait for it to finish.... and I type very, very fast.


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