Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Hospital Visit

So 10 minutes after I posted that things were getting back to normal, God decided to pimp-slap me. I guess I was getting too uppity.

Andy's fever went as high as 104.6, but within an hour or so went down to normal and stayed normal. This is the second time we've had to go to the hospital because of fever the day after chemo + port access. Port access alone or chemo alone doesn't result in this.

Of course all blood cultures were negative.

Andy was very upset about being in the hospital. About 50% of his waking minutes were spent screaming.

He did not go to bed Saturday night until 11:00pm. His normal bedtime is 7:00pm.

He woke up at 4:30am. Never went back to sleep.

He was awake, screaming about 90% of the time, from 4:30am until 5:00pm. No nap. Yep. No nap. And guess what? He slept for all of an hour.

So from 6:00pm until about 9:30pm, he was awake, screaming. No pain, he was just screaming because he didn't want to be in the hospital and because he was overly-tired.

He slept from 9:30 - 12:30. We were awake from 12:30am - 3:30am. He slept off and on from 3:30 - 11:00 (as did I), and he was just fine the rest of the day. We were discharged around 2:30.

What a way to spend a weekend.


Anonymous said...

You tell Andy that I am going to pimp-slap him if he does that again!

Uncle Brian Paw-Paw

Anonymous said...

We're so glad you're home and happy again. When Andy's happy, everybody's happy. Did you mention in the blog that Andy has a CT scheduled for next Tuesday? I know this must be stressful and tiring for you and Julie. Things are going to be so good again when Andy is well. Maybe you two can take a vacation or at least a weekend away. I love you guys and I'm so proud of you! Mom