Monday, September 10, 2007

Dr. Visit

The results of the doctor visit today were very positive. Everyone continues to comment on how good he looks now. So much better than before. His oncologist is finally giving us permission to start cutting back on the bottle. He can have 3 a day now and we'll start cutting back on those even more.

We may start cutting back on his TPN next week.

So far his white blood cell counts are up. They will probably drop next week.

More chemo Friday at 9:00.

Andy has been doing very well. He's back to being Andy, acting like a 13-month-old. He's been playing with his brother and sister. This is a good sign.

I'm dealing with Grandpa's death ok, I guess. I still haven't had the nerve to look through the photo albums that my aunts & uncles sent home with my dad, but I'll get there. I get 3 days off work for bereavement. That is helping.

I haven't talked to my dad or anyone else whose last name is Kelley, but I think people will generally handle this pretty well. We'll have to see.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Andy is looking better and doing great!!! He is so strong!!! Hope to see you all soon!
Janice & Mike