Friday, September 28, 2007

We're Home

Yep. We're home from the hospital. Andy's doing just fine. A week or so of nause up ahead. Nothing we haven't been through before.

Wedding tomorrow. Should be a good time. Joey & Emma are in it. Andy's counts are up, so all good in da hood.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan & Julia,

We're so happy to hear the good news about Andy and are praying for the very best. Good luck at the wedding with Joey & Emma, that ought to be awfully cute -- maybe there'll be a good story to come out of that! (For example, Audrey's Rachel absolutely refused to walk down the aisle . . . Our Dave had a death grip on the flower girl's hand and we had to pry them apart at the end of the aisle.) Whatever happens, hope you get to relax and have a little fun this weekend.

Your neighbors, Joe & Mary (6936)