Sunday, September 2, 2007

This Week

Monday - I'll be working the holiday. Julie may or may not.

Tuesday - At 6:15AM, I'll be on my way to Tucson. My dad will be in the seat in front of me. At 9:30, Julie will be taking Andy to his appointment. I think Julie's mom will be here with the kids. I hope to put in 8 hours of work.

Wednesday - At 11:11pm, I'll be touching down back here in St. Louis. My dad won't be with me, he'll be back in 24 hours. I hope to put in 8 hours of work.

Thursday - Andy and I will go to the hospital. He will be pumped full of fluids. We'll spend the night.

Friday - Yet another Friday that I'll be waking up in the hospital. Chemo cycle #2 begins. Fluids continue. We'll spend the night again.

Saturday - Yet another Saturday that I'll be waking up in the hospital. Fluids continue. If all goes well, we'll be discharged afternoon or evening.

Sunday - Carolina @ St. Louis in 60" High Def! Unfortunately I won't be able to have the kickoff party I was hoping for. :( If his counts are up at the time, I will encourage grandparents to come over. If not, then I'll enjoy HD football all by my lonesome.

Everyone, have an excellent week.

Before I go, I have a question for you....


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Anonymous said...

Football?? Did someone mention football??? (spoken with best British accent ever) Bloody damn right I am....let's kick that ball around and get ready for the World Cup....bloody Americans don't understand the game, but we'll teach em right! No better than those croissant eatin puffers from France!!!! Bunch a nancy boys, they are!
BTW, when you do get a spare secone, send me your e-mail, as we don't have it for some strange reason. We don't want to call, so other than this site, we have no other means of communication.