Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandpa Would be Upset

Wow, my grandfather would be terribly upset. Let's see:

  • OJ is free on bond.
  • Bush is beginning to pull troops out of Iraq.
  • They want to free the "Jena 6" even though they're criminals, rather than keeping the "Jena 6" in jail and finding the rednecks who hung the noose and started it all, thus putting all of the criminals behind bars.
  • The feds cut interest rates, which in the long run will only hurt things even worse.
  • The leader of a terrorist nation wants access to Ground Zero.
  • MoveOn's back at it again.
  • And Velociraptors had feathers.

Ok, so the last one wouldn't bother him, I just think it's funny sounding. Even though many reptile scales are chemically very similar to feathers. It's just funny sounding.

And FYI, I'm purposefully keeping my political views out of this site altogether. The above does not necessarily represent my views on things, only my grandfather's. :) (those of you who really know me know my views on the above, we'll leave it at that)

Happy late birthday Babs!

Happy birthdy Aunt Carol!

Bite me Greg!

And if anyone sees my sister, once again punch her in the arm and tell her it's from me.

Chemo tomorrow along with counts. I have a feeling counts will be low. (Sorry Dweeze, this could mean no bachelor party for me, not even an appearance.)


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel bad if you can't come we understand and its not like your missing the wedding so shush! Everything will be ok ( i guess i will have to give you and Mike a got get drunk night after this is all said and done). C-ya very soon...just think in 8 days Dweeze will be your brother-in-law!!! are you ready?
We love you guys!
Janice & Mike

TJ Kelley said...

I loved you list of things that Grandpa Kelley would have hated. When i got to the last line I laughed out loud. He would have hated most of those things and would not have cared squat about the feathers.

Anonymous said...

You drill stealer Heck !!!!!

TJ Kelley said...

Listen OJ, I was just the Mule in this caper