Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update on Things

Things are getting closer to "normal." I was able to go into the office Thursday and Friday. Julie will be going into her office on Monday. I was able to get to my drum lesson on Thursday. I was able to get my weekly stress relief on Friday (that is, an hour or 2 downstairs hitting the drums). Heck, Julie and I even went out for a couple hours for drinks with friends Friday night! Since Andy's counts were up, my mom volunteered to watch him for a couple hours while we went out. Add the words, "For the first time since 8/9" to all of the above, by the way.

Yes, things are normalizing a bit.... for now.

Andy's counts should drop sometime next week. One of his chemo drugs, Vincristine, is starting to catch up with him today. Pain, general unconfortableness, etc. He's running a bit of a temp right now. He was 100.4 about 20 minutes ago, so we'll have to watch it over the next few hours. 101.0 or higher is a hospital trip (and a $50 ER co-pay, dangit).

Here's a picture of the kids. Sorry for Joey making a silly face, he just likes to do that sometimes. :)

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