Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back from Baraboo, WI

I've been in good ol' Baraboo, WI the last couple of days. That drive sucks. Speed limit 65 all the way. It was unseasonably warm in WI, which I'm not complaining about of in on.

Andy seems pretty much recovered. CT scan tomorrow, I have a feeling chemo will start this week. I kinda hope not because that's 3 days inpatient and I want to spend some time at home.

So I was thinking. If one year was represented as a grain of sand, my entire life would be as long as my thumb nail. To go back to when the Great Pyramid was built would be about the length of a baseball bat. Heck, all of human history would be less than half the length of a football field. And I'm not talking about Mesopotamia, I'm talking about 200,000 years ago when homo sapiens first appeared.

So if all of humanity can be summed up in less than half the length of a football field, the dinosaurs first appeared about 30 miles away. The continent of Pangea existed about 135 miles away. The earth was formed 570 miles away. So one year is a grain of sand, my life is the length of a thumbnail, and the earths' history is the distance from St. Louis to Chicago and back again!

All of existence as we know it, that is, the universe, was born 1700 miles away. That's almost the distance from St. Louis to LA.

To reiterate, if the entire length of the existence of the universe were 500 years, humans would have existed for 3 days, and my life would last just over a second. What's a second in 500 years of history and possibly thousands more? Heck, what's 3 days in 500 years?

This post brought to you courtesy of 1) Google, and 2) Free Time.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously your trip to Dumpwater, WI was a drug run and you dipped into the stash! I would suggest that it is a Vietnam LSD flashback, however ole thumbnail's worth of sand, you would have had to been over a finger length of sand for that. Or at least two minutes old. So is this the stuff you thought about on your trip back from Armpit, WI?
Did you get my cheese curds? I need them for my Munchos (BTW, they sell that at the local Casey's General, approximately 500 feet from my office).
Did you reunite with any of your old Yak friends? See Brett Favre? Pike fishing? Admit it, you bought a cheese head!