Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Recovery Continues

Andy's recovering well. Some hours are better than others. Pain is still an issue, but it's getting better every day. He's still not eating very well. He's just having a rough time right now.

Joey and I have dentist appointments today. Lemme tell ya just how excited I am.

Joey & Emma get their flu shots today. I've been harassing Joey about it for a few days now. :)

Andy is crying for no reason. Now seems like a good time to make Emma mad just for the fun of it.

Greg is teh sux


Anonymous said...

Is Greg a Canadian ?

Anonymous said...

I shall list my top reasons why I do not understand teh sux (or any other internet game based language and talk)...
1. I have better things to do than be online with 10 year olds, playing a game, just to beat the crap out of a kid at a game
2. I have actually gone through my adolescence and do not need to regress
3. I like women
4. I am living in the real world
5. There are 500 other things much better to do with my time
6. I do not need to learn what all these things mean because I could give a crap less
7. Life is too short
8. Again...I like women
9. Oh well....we all get the picture!!!!!

andrew 4 life said...

Yes, anonymous, Greg is a Kanadian and he's damn proud.