Monday, November 26, 2007

*sings* I'm Dreaming of a Normal Christmas

And I think it's gonna happen. Christmas eve falls on the first day of the third week of his last chemo cycle. This means his counts should be close to normal and we won't have to worry about them going back down.

We won't be able to make Julie's work's Christmas party or our Christmas party with Greg, Babs, Steve, and Dawn, but I think the rest of our Christmas traditions and family gatherings may stay intact! Andy's doctor seems optimistic as well.

In other news, the lead singer of Quiet Riot was found dead. I guess he won't be feeling the noise anymore. Maybe metal health drove him mad?


Anonymous said...

Count em folks...2 really bad puns in a row! I guess you don't have a CD handy to come up with some more really bad puns. Like maybe...I guess he really is Breathless...or wonder if they found him in his Slick Black Cadillac or he shoulda let someone know he was in the Danger Zone...I dunno, just thought you could do better! Maybe he wasn't thinking about his 1999 release...Alive and Well???
On a different note, Xmas was not with us this year anywaze, as we will be in der fodderland. We usually do New Years together anyway!

Anonymous said...

To be all together for Christmas will be wonderful!