Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Cute Anecdote

Julie came to the hospital yesterday to pick up Andy's puky blanket and clothes. She couldn't come in because Emma has a cold and we don't want her infecting other kids. It was a nice day so I brought Andy outside with me to meet her. Andy and I hung out at the curb and waited for the truck to show up.

When I opened the door to say hi to Joey & Emma, they both said hi to me and immediately started asking for Andy. It went kinda like this:

(open door)
Me: Hi Joey! Hi Emma!
Joey: Daddy! Where's Andy?
Emma: Daddy! Neendy? Neendy?
Joey: Can we see Andy?
Emma: Neendy!

(I go get Andy)
Joey: Hi Andy! Hi baby boy!
Emma: Hi Neendy! Neendy! What hell doin? (the last part is kinda my fault)
Andy: (baby squeal)

My kids love their siblings. I'm enjoying it now because I know in a few years they'll hate each other. :)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home big daddy and little man!!!!!!!!!
Much Love and Many Prayers