Friday, November 30, 2007

Today's Dr. Visit

What a long day. He was just supposed to get some blood drawn to get his counts. But as you know, he hasn't been feeling great lately. Horse, runny nose, etc. It's obvious he's been in pain at night lately because he SCREAMS when he's in bed. We give him some Oxycodone and he settles down. That means he's in pain. So we needed to talk to a doctor.

It turns out he just has a good ol' fashion cold. However, there's a small possibility that he has a sinus infection so they gave him some antibiotics just incase. Normally doctors wouldn't do this, but Andy's obviously a special case.

As for the pain, he's probably having some bone pain from chemo. It happens apparently. This chemo is pretty hard on marrow.

Andy's counts have already dropped and are on their way back up. His white blood cells are at around 6.5, give or take. A little below "normal" but he's on his way back up and in good shape. Nothing to worry about! Yay! This means we'll finally be able to see my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's new house. (they haven't had flu shots, so we've had to avoid contact)

While we were there, the social worker asked me if I want to go to the football game on Sunday, courtesy of Friends of Kids with Cancer. I think my response was something along the lines of, "Hell yeah! Oh wait. I mean yes if his counts are ok." His counts are ok. :)

Weird what some practicing will do. 2 weeks of doing regular guitar exercise (scales, etc.) and I'm already a better guitar player than I've ever been. It just took some real exercises to get me back on track, I kinda picked up where I left off years ago. Strange what 20 minutes a night can do.

Greg likes quiche.

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