Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Love Mountain Dew [Updated]

Tomorrow (Friday) is my mom's birthday. Everyone say happy birthday mom!

Monday I'm going to Baraboo, WI for work.

Wednesday Andy has a CT scan. I guess we'll talk about chemo. I would assume he'll either start late next week or sometime the following week.

Audiogram is 11/19.

We're gonna try to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible. We FINALLY received our first bill for all the little $25 copayments. We wanna get Christmas taken care of before we get nickle and dimed to death by the flood of these bills. But that's why we've been keeping money to the side, so we'll come out of this on top, with a lot of help from all you. You all know who you are. THANK YOU!

Speaking of coming out on top, I'm trying to figure out why I'm not feeling better about everything. I know I'm still a little screwey from losing Grandpa, but my son is cancer-free, or at worst almost cancer-free. Why am I not happy? Maybe it will just take him being 100% done before I'm better. Or maybe I'm scarred for life.

Andy's hair is starting to grow back. It's coming in completely blond, so you can't really tell unless you're up close. He will receive enough chemo to make the bulk of it fall back out though.

He ate very well at dinner last night. Not so well tonight, but still better than a couple days ago.

Student loans suck. Damn masters degrees and their lack of scholarships.

Like Joey at her age, Emma's favorite show is the Simpsons. She LOVES it when 6:00 comes around and the Simpsons come on channel 30. Joey too.

What's the difference between Chris Crocker and Greg? A webcam. That's it.

** UPDATE: I just learned that Loogie ate an entire section of fence today. You know the 5' or 6' sections of vinyl fence? Yep!


Anonymous said...

Dont know why your not happy about andy but this paw- paw is riding that pink cloud about it :-)
Ummmmmm, I know what MIGHT just make you happy. He's soft brown in color. Cute and well behaved. If you guessed LOUIE you are RIGHT!
I'll deliver him first thing Saturday morning :-)

Anonymous said...

My name is Jean Michael Lapointe Roy (pronounced Zhun Meeshell Lapoint Wah).
I think I know why you are unhappy. It would appear that you have a man love crush on this Greg person. Because he is your relative, this makes you even sadder. You must continue to keep these feelings deep in your closet and they must never come out. For if they do, you will lose everything!
This was a very simple deduction, based on my extensive psychology backgroud. I graduated from the Sam Houston Intstitute of Technology, online school for blind hemophiliacs, so I am well versed in this area.
I also think that because of your past man love crushes, you have turned to guitar hero for a reality escape. When you reached 1 million, you thought you were a rockstar, but it only showed that you were a fag! So most of your life has been spent searching for Mr. Right. I am here to tell you, he does not exist, so be happy with your wife and children and household pets. Keep the rest of your desires locked in that closet! Oui?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Brenda! Can't wait to see Julie, Danny and the kids. Want to be positive we're over the flu first.

Hi to Barry, Missy and the kids!

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Phil

Anonymous said...

A HUGE Happy Birthday to your Momma. She's the best!


Your Aunt Becky