Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a Day, Redux

I think Andy's counts are dropping, despite being 12.3 yesterday. He's had a little runny nose lately, but now he's starting to feel like crap. He didn't eat much today, hasn't had a nap, and has spent a lot of time just crying and screaming.

Emma's been having problems with her hand today as well. She put her hand in a pot of boiling water over the weekend and has some pretty bad burns. Yes, it's the same hand she burnt on the oven a year ago.

The 11th dimension describes an infinite number of universes where infinite possibilities exist. That means that there is one parallel universe, at least, where Greg doesn't suck. Actually, that means there is an infinite number of universes where Greg doesn't suck. Or a better way of looking at it is that there is an infinite number of universes where Greg sux.

There is an infinite number of universes where Andy never had cancer.

Sad, tragic, about Sean Taylor. That's just horrible.

I like cashews.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean there is a universe where you actually have more than 2 brain cells (one being fried the other burnt)? An infinate number of universes (universi?) where the Raiders are actually good?? WOW, the possibilities are limitless (or infinate?) Does that mean you have hair in another universe (besides on your back)? Would your dad be attracted to older women? Would french kanadians be the world power? OUCH...my brain is hurting!!! Germans might save the world from war. Hmmm.....just imagine!!!!

Anonymous said...

And loogie may actually sit and heal and not eat things! Oh and there are not enough universes out there for your dad to be attracted to older women!

Anonymous said...

Poor Andy!! Poor Emma too but not as much. Her hand didn't look that bad Sunday night. Did the doctor see it?