Sunday, November 4, 2007


We used to have a dog named Louie. At some point his name turned into Loogie. He's half chocolate lab, half american bulldog. Yeah, he's bred to be dumb. He's very dumb. Stupid, stupid dog. It's no fault of his, though, he's just bred that way.

We gave him to my dad. The dog has an eating problem. Not a chewing problem, an eating problem. He eats everything. We couldn't handle him anymore. Here's a short list of things he's eaten since he's lived with my dad: Forks, a pound of butter, a pair of levis (no joke), a bottle of Ritalin, a mole, pot, a bottle of Tylenol PM, a remote control, a phone cord, a MasterCard, a huge chunk of a sofa, a house key, a trash can, the bible, 3 blankets, 2 belts, and one belt buckle.

No, the above is not an exaggeration. And no, he didn't just chew this stuff, he actually ate it, processed it, and passed it. Imagine how that back yard looked after he ate the pound of butter! Wrappers and all. He ate everything.

He's poisoned himself countless times and has had his intestines blocked a couple times.

The dog is dumb.

Every time my dad brings him to the house, Cooper and Gracie pounce on him and just beat the ever loving crap out of him. Poor Loogie.


Anonymous said...

CORRECTION......... LOUIE not LOOGIE is a fine you dog that is rehabilitated and is doing just fine with dad, Yes he does eat things :-(

andrew 4 life said...

ha! That's funny! I forgot to mention that he ate his crate and that he ate a slat of fence.

How about my prediction? I was pretty close. I said 27-24 Pats, it was 24-20 Pats. Not that I'm happy about it. :(

Anonymous said...

You are home! I called yesterday at 4 and you and Andy had just got there. AMAZING!!