Saturday, November 3, 2007

Not a Bad Day

Last night my mom went over to the house and stayed with Joey & Emma. Julie came up to the hospital and stayed with Andy and me. When he woke up during the night Julie told me that she had him and to go back to sleep. That was very nice.

Andy and I slept a lot today. When my GERD acts up, it sucks the energy out of me, and it's acting up. My doctor wrote a prescription for Nexium that the insurance company is refusing to fill. So we have to fight that fiasco. In the meantime I'm in pain and have no energy.

Andy's been more alert today than the last couple of days. He's down to .5mg doses of morphine every 3 hours or so. Not too bad really, considering that on day 1 he was 1mg every hour.

They took him off fluids for a bit to take a wagon ride, which really took a lot out of him. My mom came up and pushed him around for a bit in the wagon. We were at the front entrance when we saw a redhead with two brats walking in. It just happened to be my wife and my brats that were coming in. It was a nice surprise.

I played with Joey & Emma in the play room for a while. They're fun kids.

With any luck we'll be outta here tomorrow. I have a feeling that if we're not out of here tomorrow it will be Monday for sure. That would be great. I'm really looking forward to having a couple weeks without chemo, surgery, cancer, etc. It will be a nice time for a while.

Not a whole lot new going on.

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Anonymous said...

I was so happy when I saw Andy being himself yesterday. The post surgery swelling was gone for the most part and the blotchy rashy looking skin is, too. Hooray!! Andy looked so much like Joey when he swollen up, it was wild! Danny doesn't think so but Pawpaw and I noticed it right away. He smiled, played and enjoyed sightseeing yesterday. He sat and relaxed in the wagon. Everyone who passes by says hello to him. He gets smiles from absolutely everyone. He does have pain but he is dealing with it very well. Of course it helps to have the wonderful caregivers he has in the nurses, doctors and his parents. Everyone is very in-tune with Andy and his needs. God bless Cardinal Glennon staff and Dr. Coln.