Sunday, November 11, 2007

OMFG They Won!

The Rams actually won today. And they looked pretty good doing it. What's worse is that because they're in the crappy NFC West, they actually have a shot at making the playoffs. lol

We just finished eating some excellent stew, courtesy of my aunt. We're getting ready to tear into dessert! Yummy! Thank you for the dinner, it was excellent!

Emma's in a mood this evening. Go figure. Andy, too, is in a mood. We're stopping with the heavy spoiling and he's not liking it.

Don't forget Andy's CT scan is Wednesday. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

My aunt & uncle, Greg's mom & dad, are both very nice, respectable people. They're fun to be around, have a great sense of humor, and are generally good people. Greg's brother? Pretty much the same. So what went wrong with Greg? I have a theory about this.

In the early 1970s the government tested a top secret chemical on a random sampling of kids by spiking Munchos. Greg, unfortunately, was one of the unlucky kids who sampled the spiked Munchos. Greg's foul smell, secret fantasies about Patrick Roy, and general idiocy are no fault of his own. He was the victim of a government experiment that went terribly wrong.

It's true, ask my aunt.


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the stew and dessert.

Now for the spiked munchos and the effect on Greg. It is true that he was highly addicted to them. We wondered for years about Greg. My brother blamed Almost Home Cookies Also a product of the 70s, but one day we finally discovered the problem. It was the raw cauliflower and broccoli that he ate. We discovered it came from Canada. We've tried to keep it a secret all these years and came up with the Munchos story, but alas, the secret is out. You decide!

Can't wait till Wednesday. Andy looked great today!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, everybody have a good laugh at poor Greg's expense. Don't you know that he is a very sensitive person and that your words cut like a knife? The real story behind his sanity challenged way of life is about to be told.
Greg was born a poor black child in Mississippi. He had no rythym, but wanted to feel the beat....wait, that's Navin R. Johnson's story.
Try again...
According to his first journal entries...
day 1, It was warm and dark, then it was light.
day 2, still tired from the move. Cool, my nurse has big hooters.
day 3, Hey...can I have some of those lead based paint chips?
day 4, Why do we live under all these power lines?
day 5, Wow, the Raiders sure are cool.
day 6, I wonder if I can fit my whole hand in my mouth. Yep!
day 7, I hate 70's clothes...too many colors, too much plaid... wow, I got people cleaning me every time I take a dump, hope this keeps up.
day 8, Every time I cry, people come running to feed me, change me, or snuggle. woohooo! Think I mess with their heads and keep crying for no friggin reason. hehehe
day 9, Why do I keep hearing Elvis everyday? Is this guy the only musician around? Who the hell are these Razorbacks and why is everyone yelling..Wooooo Pig Sooooie?
day 10, Need a cigarette, can buy them if i could get to the store.
day 11, daytime TV sucks.
Jump ahead to teenage years, then 21st b-day, jail, PO Job, wife and child....Don't know where the disdain for Kanadians came about, but the rest is history!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Critter, I am so happy about andy's recovery. You have no idea! I'm sorry to hear about Greg's condition. But from what I hear A LOT and I mean A LOT of children got that back then. It's a disease. it's not his fault. You should not tease him anymore like that son. I'm ashamed of you. What if you were Canadian ?