Friday, November 23, 2007


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving 2007!

I was thinking today. I think this Thanksgiving would have been a lot different if Andy hadn't had his surgery yet. One thing that came up countless times over the last couple days is that I'm most thankful that Andy is now cancer-free. And I'm not the only one who has said it.

Our Thanksgiving was pretty good.

We're very traditional people when it comes to the holidays. It starts just before Halloween. Julie, me, the 3 kids, and Julie's family go to the pumpkin farm out in Chesterfield for our pumpkins, for horse rides, for the haunted maze, for the various playthings, and just for the fun of it. Then Halloween comes and goes.

Next thing ya know it's Thanksgiving. We go to her family's, eat "linner" (halfway between lunch and dinner), play some poker, and watch some football. Sometimes we hit a few golf balls around. But it's always at her mom & dad's.

Then we head to either my mom's or my aunt's (my mom's side). We hang out for a bit. Prior to last year we would then go to my stepdad's family's. Thanksgiving was a busy day.

Things changed a bit last year, but more on that later.

Unfortunately this year it was Thanksgiving at our house. Her mom and dad came over, as did my father. Unfortunately her sister and that dumbass Dweeze couldn't come over because they just got off a plane from their honeymoon. No fault of their own, but Andy's doctor wasn't too thrilled about the idea. You know how dirty airplane air can be.

And we didn't see my mom or my stepdad. Or my mom's family. Or my stepdad's family. I dunno, it's just weird.

Christmas will be pretty much the same. But at least there's next year.

In keeping with tradition, we managed to get the Christmas decorations, tree, and outside lights up today. All this while watching Christmas Vacation. And I listened again to hear that his face is not stapled to the carpet, it's sewn. (My dad and Greg will get it.)

Happy (late) Thanksgiving all!


Anonymous said...

B and I toasted to your family with mamosas on Thanksgiving!! Go Andy go!!
Much Love and many Prayers

Anonymous said...

It was an odd and melancholy Thanksgiving for many of us. We are all missing loved ones this year, Becky and Aunt Betty on the Key side, Danny's Grandpa Kelley and others. The thing that ties us all together is our thankfulness for Andy's cure.

Anonymous said...

...and leftover turkey.

andrew 4 life said...

Yeah. Exactly. You summed it up well.