Friday, November 2, 2007

Pain, Pain Go Away!

Actually, instead of going away, it would be nice if I could just channel Andy's pain somewhere else, like maybe Brocksmith's left butt cheek. That would be funny. Every time Andy wakes up from a morphine daze Brocksmith's left butt cheek starts hurting like mad.

Pain management is still an issue. His port is being a pain in the butt so sometimes morphine isn't getting to him as fast as we'd like. He's handling it real well though, all things considered.

Andy was running a fever yesterday, which is apparently very common in kids after a major surgery. So far there is nothing to worry about. The chest x-ray was negative, blood cultures are negative thus far.

Andy's post-surgery puffiness is going away slowly but surely. He's starting to look like our Andy again. With any luck we'll be outta here early next week.

Last night was another rough night. He woke up a few times. From 11:00pm until 11:00am I wound up getting in a total of 8 hours. I'm good for the day. I'm gonna take a little catnap after I post this. Andy's generally sleeping when he's not in pain. That's fine, it just means he's healing.

Nurses, doctors, everyone is taking great care of him and doing their best to keep him comfortable.

I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on Andy. There are a lot of people thinking about and praying for all of you, especially for Andy. Stay Strong.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments on your last few posts. Its starting to sound like a pentecostal revival. But seriously congratulations on Andrew's success.

Anonymous said...

that's not nice.