Sunday, November 18, 2007

Twenty Twenty Twenty Six Hours to Go

I wanna be sedated.

26 hours from now we'll be at the hospital. We'll be in for 3 days of chemo. Thanksgiving is still up in the air. If Andy's counts are okay, we should be able to have Julie's family over to the house. If not, then it's just the Kelleys this Thanksgiving.

A friend of ours gave Andy a couple t-shirts a couple weeks ago. One says, "My Dad Rocks". It is, of course, my favorite shirt.

I've picked up the guitar again. I never really put it down, but I've decided to finally continue my learning after about 15 years of pretty much staying where I was. I picked up the Guitar Grimoire Exercise Book. Been doing the scale thing. I can already feel a difference. The good thing about the guitar is that you can practice anywhere and as long as you're not plugged in, you're not gonna annoy anyone.

Joey seems to really like the drums, Emma seems to really like the guitar. Maybe that means Andy will sing?

Halftime and the Rams are winning. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Old dogs can learn new tricks. You're not really an old dog but you are no puppy either. I'm surprised that you've not blogged about the picture taking experience at Sears on Friday.