Saturday, December 1, 2007

Greg Smokes Crack out of Exhaust Pipes

Last night was a pretty good night. My mom & stepdad came over since Andy's counts were ok. They brought chicken. Always good to have chicken!

We took advantage of their babysitting services and took the long 7-block trip to my brother-in-law & sister-in-law's house. It's a nice place. Good ol' city home, ya know? Like us, though, they actually have a backyard. That's unusal in St. Louis city.

I was helping Dweeze move some guitar equipment in when a jam session broke out. Next thing I know I'm over at Dweeze's house drinking HIS beer (haha!) having a jam session. Then I realized that for the first time in 11 or 12 years I'm walking distance from Dweeze's house. This could get ugly. :)

Andy's still feeling up and down. Imagine not only having a cold but having a cold while on chemo. It's not fun. Makes ya feel pretty crappy.

I think I may take Joe & Emma out to lunch today. Just because Andy's counts are up, ya know? Get them out for a bit. May be good.

Maybe we'll crash Dweeze's house. Yeah, that'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Aunt Carol doesn't find out about Greg smoking crack from those exhaust pipes. You know how those Kanadian mother's are when it comes to sucking on dirty exhaust pipes after all.

Anonymous said...

Kanadian mothers are even worse when someone picks on their babies on the day before their birthdays! Since it was a favorite great-nephew with a recovering sweet baby, I'll let it pass. Happy B-day Greg.

BTW Kanada doesn't allow dirty exhaust pipes.

Anonymous said...

No NO Favorite great nephew's Daddy..... he he he