Friday, December 28, 2007

Andy's Slowly Adjusting

This was the longest we have been in the hospital since that first stay. It's taking both Andy and me a while to adjust, but especially the boy. I still hesitate to throw diapers in the trash, for example. Because in the hospital they weigh them before pitching them.

But even moreso, Andy's being pretty slow to adjust to being a kid again. He would rather sit on our laps doing absolutely nothing than play with his brother and sister.

If I didn't know better, I'd say he was a bit depressed. And I wouldn't blame him. Andy has a very difficult life right now. He's in and out of the hospital. He gets poked and prodded. He has to have an IV pole wherever he goes. He's forced to sit still while he gets his blood pressure taken. It goes on and on. This is very rough on a baby.

Hopefully he'll snap out of it. I don't like seeing him like this.

The good news is that he's better today than yesterday. He was better yesterday than the day before. He was better that day than the day before. You get the idea.

I hate cancer.

Guess where Julie spent Christmas Eve? The Emergency Room! Yep! But it was for something normal for once. She stepped on a piece of glass and had to get it removed.


Don't be surprised if there aren't many more posts between now and 1/7. Not too many more updates to give on the little guy.

It was interesting how people kept asking me, "Where's the Kanadian?" all day on Tuesday. And I know they weren't talking about my friend because she's only half Canadian (with a C). Everyone referred to Greg as "the Kanadian" (with a K). I love it.


Mr. E Man said...

The Kanadian is doing well in Germany. Almost deported twice for trying to pick a fight with the French. Apparently, they are still a little sensitive about WWII. Geeeezzzz, it was 60 years ago, lighten up, on top of beside. Glad to know Andy is adjusting. Poor little guy had to come out fighting, at least we now know he has no French Kanadian in him at all!!!!
Ifville is a good place to visit every once in a while, but do not stay long, nor forget it. There are a lot of Ifs out there and almost every one of them changes us, hopefully for the better. Some can be silly, like If you shoot a mime, please use a silencer.....If you are a vegetarian (tree hugger), don't eat animal crackers. If Greg (the Kanadian) wasn't around, the world have one less person to laugh with (or at, whichever is preferred). If we didn't have the French and Kanadians, who would we make fun of???? Bolivians??? Greeks??? maybe the Irish...whoooops, sorry Juli!!!!!

Anonymous said...

KKG --- Kool Kanadian Greg! hee hee! Sounds like he's not safe anywhere!

So glad the boy is doing so well. I knew he would. Afterall, there are angels in the rafters at CG!

Love ya!

Aunt Becky