Thursday, December 20, 2007

...But the Good News is....

Ok, so yeah, the last post was pretty bad news. The good news.... Andy's oncologist came into the room with a big smile on her face, even though she's not the one on service now. She said she wanted to beat the oncologist on service to the punch telling us the news. She told us...

Wait. Nah. I'll let ya steam for a while, wondering what the good news is. I'll throw in some filler here. Andy seems to be feeling a bit better now. He had some Tylenol. In addition, I gave him some ice cream which he LOVED. He's starving his little butt off. The ice cream felt good on his mouth sores. It even numbed him enough that he was able to eat most of a hotdog! Ice cream. What a cure. Whoda thunk?

And to whomever said there are angels in the rafters at this hospital. Yeah. I like that. Good way of putting it.

This is nuts. Every time I turn around, some group is bringing Andy a toy, blanket, book, etc. It sux being in the hospital this time of year, but at least he gets a lot of goodies! Oh and you should see the gingerbread house from Friends of Kids with Cancer. It's amazing! We should post a pic of it.

Okay, I've tortured you long enough. The good news is that his AFP numbers are back. You'll recall this is is an indicator of liver cancer. Normal is < 10. He was something like 1.2 million when diagnosed. He's now 24! Yeah. 24. It should be < 10 in a month or so. This is really pointing to the fact that the cancer is gone and there will be no more chemo!

CT scan and hearing test on 1/7. Then another CT scan 3 months later! Yeah! Wow!


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