Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Real Updates

I forgot to mention that Neendy (that's how Emma says Andy) had his ABR yesterday. No real changes since the last test. His hearing has stayed pretty much the same.

It takes a lot of sedatives to get him down. The anesthesiologist was concerned. He was receiving such a heavy dose that he was essentially receiving general anesthesia without a trach.

He's continuing to gain weight at a steady pace. That's a good thing, and I'm not paying Martha to say that.

But yeah, no real updates. This is the 3rd week of the chemo cycle which is kinda the honeymoon week. Counts are up, nausea and pain are down, life is pretty good for Neendy this week.

Emma just farted and blamed it on Joey.

I was going to go into the office today until I saw an e-mail from a cow-orker (moo) saying that he was going to stay home because he was feeling sick to his stomach. Because the rest of my cow-orkers have been around him I couldn't go in.


Cancer sucks.

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