Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday!

December 2nd. Happy birthday Greg! Happy birthday Evan! This would have been my grandpa Kelley's birthday. It also would have been my aunt's birthday who died long before I was born when she was a child.

The Rams game was fun. Unfortunately half the crew either caught a cold or has been around someone who was very sick recently. So it was just my father-in-law, a bottle of Purell, and me. It makes me very nervous being around all those people. Sure his counts are up now, but it's still scary. I remember when I went to Tucson. The thought of having to breathe that dirty airplane air. Normally it doesn't bother me, but the idea that it could possibly be fatal to my son....

The Rams played a great half of football. For some reason those guys just can't seem to play 4 quarters of football. Fortunately they got enough of a buffer in the first half to squeak by the dirty birds.

Andy's audiogram is tomorrow. We'll find out what the latest round of chemo did to his hearing. :-/

A direct quote from Greg: "When was the last time you saw a straight man wear a man-purse?" Greg loves his man-purse. He wears it often. And the quote is directly from him, I didn't change it.

Sorry, I shouldn't pick on Greg on his birthday.

Yes. I should.

You suck Greg.


Mr. E. Man said...

I hate to correct you on your grammar, however, I feel it is a must. When a person is attempting to say something negative about a person, one must use the correct word order. Instead of "You suck Greg" (which would imply that an unknown person is sucking Greg and you are directing that person to do so), you should have written "Greg, you suck" or "Greg sucks" (which would imply that Greg is, in fact, the sucker, not the suckee)!
I know how much proper use of grammar means to you, so I thought I would share this grammatical correction for your betterment.
In reference to the Lambs knowing how to play for 4 quarters, it is important to add that knowing How to Play the Friggin Game needs to be stressed first and foremost!
On, yet a different note, Mizzou got the royal hose job. 2 teams that they beat (Illinois and Kansas) both had BCS (feel free to remove the C) berths, but Mizzou did not. In what plane of existence does this happen? Illinois' strength of schedule was 109 out 119 Div. 1A schools. So they beat the #1 team, so did Mizzou.
It will be a win win situation for the Key family though, as Mizzou will play Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. No winner, no loser.
Finally, I believe I am the ONLY man (straight, gay, blind, metrosexual or living) that is secure enough in his manhood to wear a manpurse. All that mock me for it are merely jealous! When Greg World becomes the standard for society....well, just use your imagination!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Greg!