Friday, December 14, 2007

WBC Counts Down

Andy's white blood cell counts are already down. Let's limit visitors to grandparents only. Even when we get home. We want the little stinker healthy for the holidays!

I talked to Andy's doctor today about a few things that I've been meaning to ask but keep forgetting. First and foremost, he should have no long-term liver problems. He should be able to take Tylenol when he hurts. He should be able to party it up on his 21st birthday. In other words, he should be completely normal.

Second is his walking. She said she is not concerned at all that he's not walking. It's normal for kids going through chemo to stop development then catch up. If he's not walking by the end of January he'll go to physical therapy. No biggie.

Third is his AFP numbers. They still aren't back. But apparently they won't be at zero, closer to 25 or so. Whatever. We'll see.

Chemo is at 1:00 today, then he gets to go home! Forever! Yay! We're so excited! Very very very excited!

Andy's feeling pretty crappy right now so I'd better go tend to him. More later.

P.S. Greg. You're Kanadian. Deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

We are sooooo happy for you. We have been waiting for this day. Can't wait to see him, but will have to wait awhile as we are both sick. Party time is coming. Miracles still happen. Be happy and give Andy a hug and kiss for us.

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Phil