Monday, December 24, 2007

Long (But Good!) Day

So after not sleeping last night we've had quite an exciting day. While we were waiting for Andy's blood to come upstairs I put him down for a nap. He polished off a bottle and we both slept for about 2 hours while his blood ran. Upon waking we were greeted with a ton of Cecil Whittaker's pizza (my favorite). Some Cecil salad too. Andy actually ate! It was a family who spent 2 Christmases there, so they now bring up pizzas on Christmas Eve.

One of the oncologists had his 2 kids there. Andy was very jealous. It was cute.

After eating the pizzas we waited another 10 or 15 minutes for his blood to finish. Then we came home! Yay!

OK'd per the oncologist, Andy stayed home with mommy and they both napped while Joey, Emma, and I surprised my mom by showing up at her house. She was soooo happy to see us. So we were able to have our Key Christmas! Yay!

Now I'm exhausted. And I still have presents to wrap. Julie and he sister wrapped a poopload of presents last night. I just have a few odds and ends left to get wrapped. But I'm exhausted.

And Julie's performing surgery on herself in the kitchen. She stepped on broken glass and the glass is still in her foot. I have a feeling this will end bad.

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Anonymous said...

I got my best Christmas present when Danny showed up with Joey and Emma. We opened presents before the rest of the clan arrived. Everyone was happily surprised. Emma and Joey were almost as happy Mee-maw. Andy will be visiting with everybody in person very soon and that will be awesome! Merry Christmas everyone!!