Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So Andy spiked a mini-fever at midnight. 101.8. Some oncologists would say he has to stay another 24 hours, no ifs, ands, or buts. Some would say, "Well, you live close. Give him Tylenol and go home. Call us if problems." Some are in the middle. The one on service right now is a middle-grounder. It will depend on his counts. If they look good, he'll probably go home. If not, he'll probably stay. Considering we don't have heat at home, I'm not that crazy about the idea of going home.

When you were in college, or maybe high school, did you have an instructor / professor / teacher play the communication game? That is, everyone gets in a circle and the instructor whispers something into the student's ear to his left. That student then gives the message via whisper to the person on their left. Continue around the circle back to the teacher. It may have started out as something like, "It's chilly outside" and ended up as, "Nuclear winter is upon us."

My dad would have been the worst offender. He couldn't keep a story straight if it were tied to a ruler. But we love him anyway.

They didn't shuffle things around to get to our furnace today. They shuffled things around so that they could get to our furnace Thursday.

Ok I'm back. Had to take a break to talk to the doctor. The doctor asked my opinion. It hurt me to say it but I told him that between the 101.8 last night, him not drinking very much, and no furnace, I'd feel better if he not go home. So we'll be hanging out at least one more night. When I go home, I don't want to come back.

Hey medical people! Yeah you. I know you're reading. I have a question. The medium-sized child keeps burning herself. I think she's like me. I don't process heat until it's too late. I could touch a burning iron for a second or maybe even two before the pain registered. And by then, it's obviously too late. Is it possible that heat isn't registering in my spinal cord, being forced to wait for the brain? Is there a name for this condition? Any advice to keep Emma from hurting herself if she has the same thing? Could this also be part of why spicy food doesn't really bother me?

Back to work while Andy's sleeping. More later. If I feel like it. Missey, give the rugrats a big hug and kiss from me. Give Barry a pimp slap from me.


Meemaw T. said...

Jim was saying at lunch that Julie could turn on the oven and leave the door open to keep the kitchen warm. I reminded him about Emma and hot surfaces. She is drawn to them.

Sigh....you did the right thing by saying that you would rather Andy stay there tonight.

Have patience and faith.

Anonymous said...

Go Andy Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poop Squeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beer Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for X-mas!!!!