Friday, December 21, 2007

I Hate Chemo

I really hope I never have to go through it. I really hope nobody I care about ever has to go through it again.

Andy's counts are still way, way down but are starting to come back up. So the good news is that they're starting to come back up which may be our ticket home. But the bad news is that they're still way down. White blood cell counts are up to 0.69. Yeah. "Up" to 0.69. That's really bad. They may be low enough that he'll have to hang out another day. Usually they let him go when counts start to rise, but considering how low they are... dunno.

Remember the first time around how I started getting a little too used to hospital life? Almost dependant? I think it's starting to happen again. Getting too used to it here. Actually starting to like the security, the routine, etc. I think that means it's time to go home ASAP.

Work, by the way, is going well considering I'm in the hospital. I'm still having to unload a lot onto my coworkers, but at least I'm getting in 39.99 hours a week. Yeah, just barely 40, but still... Boy it's gonna suck having to make up all these favors to my coworkers.

I take that back. With him sleeping so much, I probably already have my 40 hours in. Working on a big project. Oh well.

The sleeping bear is awake. Time to go.

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