Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Sux [Updated]

[Update]: Andy's white blood cell counts are 0.7. Normal is 7.0 - 12.0. Ouch. No visitors pls.

Andy's counts took a nose dive over the last 24 hours. They're bad enough that I cancelled a meeting I had at work today and Andy's not leaving the 4th floor at all. This is really making him mad. Every time we go past the elevators, he gets mad.

He'll probably need some blood either today or tomorrow. This chemo cycle is really kicking his butt. I'm glad we're in the hospital.

I would guess he'll be coming home Friday or Saturday. His counts should start coming back up Friday-ish. He'll be close to normal Sunday or Monday. This means we may possibly have to skip the Christmas festivities on Sunday. I really doubt we'll miss anything on Monday though. It would have to be really bad to miss Tuesday.

When Andy's not sleeping I'm holding him with his head on my shoulder. He really feels bad. It's very trying on me as well, emotionally. This is my baby boy. I hate seeing him like this. Yeah, I know he's cancer-free, but it hurts seeing him like this. Last time I saw him in this condition was in August or maybe early September. Yeah, he's that bad.

The new furnace goes in tomorrow! They'll be out between 7:00 and 7:30 to get it started and my dad said it's about a half-day job. I gave Julie some face masks to have them wear when they're upstairs if appropriate.

More later. I need to get back to work while the boy is sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this will make everyone feel better...
Apparently loogie likes cracker jack prizes. I ate a box of cracker jacks today at work and put the prize in my shirt pocket to give to Ryan. When I got home and changed clothes, loogie attacked my shirt and ate the pocket to get to the prize. At least it wasn't my mail box he ate! Maybe he is jealous of Bingo? He ate the rest of the shirt for desert too.
Love you Andy

Anonymous said...

There are angels in rafters at CG. Anyone who goes to CG and is receptive can feel the presence of God there. The presence of God is also with thephysicians,caregivers and employees (no matter the job they do) at CG. Andy is in a good place, completely surrounded by love and God. Keep the faith.