Thursday, December 27, 2007

iMarketing and a Close Call

First the lighthearted stuff. I bought into iMarketing. I think. Ya see.... When I was a teenager I had a Walkman. I pretty much destroyed that thing. It went with me everywhere. Later I had a Discman. But it was too big and bulky to go everywhere with me, although it did go quite a few places.

Then came 1997. I discovered the MP3. Maybe it was 1996. Whatever. I came up with the idea of taking a flash card, attaching electronics to it and putting a headphone jack in it. But I was too lazy to patent the idea and was sure it would only be a matter of time. And sure enough, it was within a couple years that the first MP3 player came out and it was very expensive.

Not too much later the iPod came out and all iHell broke loose. iMarketing at its finest, ladies and gentlemen! Ya know what? The iPod is not the best MP3 player out there. There are better. But guess what? Everyone wants an iPod!

At one point recently I mentioned to Julie that I'd like to have an iPod. Not any ol' MP3 player. An iPod.

As it turns out, thanks to more than a little help from our friends, Julie was able to make that happen this Christmas! I couldn't believe it.

Now ya know, I have an MBA. I like to think that I'm marketing-savvy enough to see through the iMarketing tricks. But I guess I'm not. I wanted an iPod. *sigh*

The 3rd Gen iPod Nano is pretty cool. Excellent UI. iTunes is a really good software platform. They really have something special going on with the iPod, I'll give them that.

Now everywhere I go I have these damned earbuds in my ears. Just like when I was 12 listening to Open Up and Say Ahh on my Walkman. :)

In a total change of gears, I was thinking about Andy today. Ya know, that was a close call. Very close. Too close. We could have lost him. I'll come right out and say it. My baby could have died. If he would have had to wait that extra week to originally get to the doctor....

Ok, I can't live in Ifville. Ifville doesn't do any good. I just can't believe how close it was. Sure we knew it at the time but now that it's all over and we're no longer in the position where we have to deal with it... Wow. That was a very close call.

Then again, we have close calls every day. Every time one of my kids gets in a vehicle they are one mistake away from death.

Ifville. It can be a fun place. It can be a tragic place. I used to have a place there. I sold it. I'm not going back to Ifville. Screw that place.

I hate cancer.

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