Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Thwack-a-Cow is a fun game. It involves walking up to Gracie the mastiff (aka "The Cow"), holding your hands in a certain way that it won't hurt her , and thwacking her in the shoulder. Do it right and it just annoys her but doesn't hurt her.

Wow. 2 posts in one day. Been a while since I've done this.

Chemo sucks. Andy got a little cut on his nose a week or so ago. Not even beginning to heal. It shouldn't be a big deal at all but with chemo... jeez...

I think I've managed to piss off the Kelley side of my family, just in time for the holidays. But oh well. Haven't we learned by now that if the world would just listen to me it would be perfect? :)

Oh by the way. Remember Loogie the dog with pica? Today he ate a mailbox. And it wasn't his own. heh

I'm trying to remember why I made a second post. Was it to remind you that chemo begins next Monday? Maybe. If I think about it I'll [update].

I'll leave you with this last thought: Most Keno players are escaped mental patients from Kanadia. You figure that one out on your own.


Mom T. said...

Andy should be in the last honeymoon phase of his chemo for our Christmas Eve celebration, right? Mom

Anonymous said...

I doubt you pissed them off any worse I have over hte last several weeks! Like father like son...
At least we aren't Kanadians !

Anonymous said...

If you piss off the Key side, you'll have all the peace and quiet you'd want for Christmas. You may have already done that though.