Saturday, December 15, 2007

Greg Has Pica

Warm again. Pain in the butt system. You know why I don't know anything about cars, HVAC, and general handyman kind of stuff? It's not that I'm incapable. I spend every day of my life troubeshooting stuff and it's very frustrating. I get enough of that kind of stuff. Leave this to the pros.

But at least we're warm.

Neendy is feeling much better than he was after the last chemo cycle. It's akin to the second round last time around. Not great, but much better. His eating is getting a little better today.

Neupogin starts again tonight. Yeah that's the shot. Andys counts are steadily falling right now, but like I said he seems okay.

So what's going on, am I going to post here indefinitely wth no updates about Andy just making fun of Greg and offending as many people as possible? Yes and no. Yes I'll continue to post about whatever I want and pick on Greg relentlessly. No it won't be here. There will come an end to when the time is right, probably in a month or so. The Greg picking-on will continue, but on a different website. Those of you who care can come by, those who don't can go screw yourself. :) I just find it weird that you like my writing. It's very me-centric on so many levels. The only person who should really be interested is me. But oh well.

I like me. Greg likes quiche. The world continues to turn.

1 comment:

Mr. E Man said...

Nobody is really interested in your writing. They just come here to get updates about your family. They also come here to read the creative genius, that is Greg, and see what clever things he is posting.
Yes I like quiche, but at least I don't cry like you do when you watch the movie French Kiss three times in a row. I mean, c'mon and let it go already. Sure it's a happy ending, but my God, you're a man....ACT LIKE ONE!!! How, you ask??? I dunno, it comes natural to most of us with a penis (not inverted...sorry to rat you out). Since you got the fart part down pretty good, maybe you need to carry a manpurse to show your new found confidence.
I am just a bit curious, what is your favorite part of the movie??? Are you pissed that Celine Dion did not have a soundtrack for it??
And to answer your question yesterday, there a lot of things I do 3 times in one day....pee, eat and check your blog site (I know you love it referred to like that).
BTW, I did catch your sentence that ended with a bunch of prepositions ontop of on beside. Thought you could sneak that in, did ya!
Tell Jules you are going to name your next Blog...GREG WORLD!!! Then tell her if she has a problem with it....Death by Elephant!!!!