Saturday, December 8, 2007

(offtopic) Alcoholic Kanadian Fans with Pica

Stupid fan. My dad (an electrician) redid the electrical wiring in the fan. He said what I had was okay, but he made it better. Ok cool. Then we hit the switch. Nothing happened. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the fan has a screwed up motor from the factory. We quickly attached the other fan and it worked like a charm.

My dad said not to buy anything from Home Depot because it all comes from Kanada. Hah.

While he was over here he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone who is apparently very gullible. He told her that Emma has pica, Joey has tourettes, and Julie wakes up at 7:30am and immediately goes for a bottle of tequila.

He kept saying stuff like, "Emma, quit trying to eat the phone!" She sent him some websites about pica and tourettes. Regarding Julie, she told him to let it go and let her bottom out.

That's funny. Of course Emma doesn't have pica, Joey doesn't have tourettes, and Julie's not an alcoholic. :)

Loogie, on the other hand, has pica. My dad called me laughing because she sent him some links on pica. As he was reading about pica, he stopped and said, "Louie, stop eating that!" He turned around and Loogie was eating his rocking chair.

Andy's being a royal pain the p'tooer.


Anonymous said...

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