Thursday, December 6, 2007

Exposure Risk Time

So yesterday was the first day of my being concerned about exposure. Sure his counts are fine now but in a week they won't be. 7 - 10 days for a bug to start showing symptoms, blah blah.

I've told the mutts at work that I won't be around for another 2 - 3 weeks. Even had to pawn off a small miniproject on a cow-orker (moo). Yet another favor I'll owe. But really the last place I need to be right now is a hospital. Not worth the risk to do something so minor.

Purell Purell Purell.

Speaking of Purell, many of you seem to think that will always be a habit. SCREW THAT! I hate the stuff! I mean it certainly has its uses and it will always be in the house just like it's always been in the house. But Purelling every time I touch something metal? Or every time I realize it's been more than a couple hours. Screw that. It sucks. My hands feel like they're on fire.

Chemo is Monday! Last weekend of peace.

obtw, I got the fan hung in the dining room today. There's still a hole in my living room. :) Of course nothing happened when I hit the switch. But that's for my dad the electrician to figure out. I'm assuming I used the wrong size wire nut or something.

Julie's very interested in tracing her family history. She looked at but they wanted like $15 a month or something. Sux. Anyone have any suggestions?

Barry & Missey... You're not Chiefs fans now, are you?

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