Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxing Day! [Updated]

[Update]: Andy's ANCs are in the normal range!

It's been a nice, lazy day-after at the Kelley house. Andy went in for counts today. His white blood cell counts are over 9. That's normal! We're waiting for his ANC numbers still. That's the kind of cells that fight bacteria. That's the really important one.

If his ANCs are reasonable, he'll receive Neupogen for 2 more days. And that's IT! That means possibly only two more days of having to give him shots! Yay! He also wouldn't need to be seen again until 1/7 when he goes in for hearing test and CT scan.

Everyone, I had a blast! And so did you, I can tell! It's a shame we had to miss Sunday, but Joey, Emma, and I had a blast at the Key festivities on Monday, as did the rest of us Tuesday at our house for the Gambill / Kelley / Swederwdeaiywalefhnnasekl;thewo;iragjafwerqio34 festivities. Even Mommy let go a bit on Tuesday!

I was talking to one of my Kelley aunts on Tuesday and commented that I always thought the Christmas after losing Grandpa Kelley would be the worst Christmas ever. I never in a million years thought it would be the best Christmas ever! This was a very special Christmas. One that will not soon be forgotten.

Thank you all for doing your part in making our Christmas a special one.

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Anonymous said...

Great news!! I hope Andy starts feeling really great and eating like a little piggy!!