Wednesday, December 12, 2007

At Least it's the Last Time

So we got to the hospital at 8:30am, as scheduled. We were, of course, waiting on the pharmacy for the fluids. By around noon he was accessed and had his IV fluids running. Finally around 2:30 we got to our room, 4301. So basically from 8:30am - 2:30pm I spent my time trying to keep my 16-month-old happy. Not an easy task, especially when he's tired and hungry. So why couldn't we have just come up to the hospital at 2:00? Oh well. At least it's the last time.

During this time though we got our picture taken with Santa and Andy got a little present. That was pretty fun. I talked to an employee of the hospital who has apparently been following along with the website. It's weird just how many people are reading this and pulling for the little guy. Thank you all!

Andy will have a "Last Chemo Party" tomorrow at noon on the floor. We were just going to bring up some cookies but apparently there's a group that brings in pizzas and goodies. That should be fun. I'm SO glad this is the last time in the hospital. Have I mentioned that? :)

So finally around 3:00 I called Julie and told her we need to switch off for a while. I haven't been able to get a single minute of work done today. So here I am. I'm at home she's at the hospital. I'll get some work done now.

More later.


Anonymous said...

We're so glad for all of you, especially for Andy. He's such a sweet little boy. Can't wait to see him return to complete health.

Anonymous said...

We're also so happy that this is the last chemo for Andy. I am too
a Glennon employee and I have been following your web-site. May God continue blessing your family.
Merry Christmas