Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adjusting to our New Life (Day 11)

The adjustment is more difficult than I anticipated. Our first full day home has been a bit challenging emotionally. Being a bit burned out, I spent most of my day on the couch. Joey & Emma have generally been well-behaved, and Andy's been in bed most of the day. There are certain realities that had to set in, and are still setting in. It's just a tough adjustment.

The worst part is seeing Andy right now. He's very skinny, very frail-looking, and it's hard to get him to eat. I considered posting a picture, but thought better of it. It's just better if you don't see him for a week or two. (Yeah, I'll make sure I post bald pics after he loses his hair :) )

Not much else on which to report. Day 11 has been a pretty slow day. Andy's godfather stopped by today, which was a nice break in the monotony of things. Back to work tomorrow.

Life goes on. More later, as the situation mandates.... or as my feelings mandate.


Anonymous said...

I believe there is a song by some group on an album called Master of Puppets called Welcome Home....maybe give it a listen. Of course, there is a lyric you used in your post(life goes on), I believe that is from a song by a group caled Poison, maybe give it a listen, as well.

Anonymous said...

At least you all have each other back together again .. as a complete family... in the same house.. no wires, no doctors / nurses popping in at all hours... all of you sleeping in your own beds... I can't even begin to imagine the stress and pressure you both are under, but thank god you have each other....and an incredible family...and 3 amazing kids to laugh and giggle, learn and cuddle with...Love you guys very much!!!! B and Pai