Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hospital Stay & Eating Updates

Andy's not eating, nor is he drinking bottles. They're talking about possibly feeding him either through his IV, his port (once the blister heals), or through a tube. The tube is doubtful given he's a chemo patient with nausea.

They're also talking about possibly sending him home tomorrow, if he looks okay, and sending him home with IV fluids and IV nutrition, meaning we'd have to take care of his IV at home. I'm okay with this, except for the fact that when he goes through tough times, including his non-eating spells, I'm comfortable at the hospital knowing he's in good hands, but I'm a bit nervous when we're at home.

I dunno, we'll see tomorrow. It's easier to work from home than it is from the hospital, but ya know, I have a few more hours of PTO left to burn if necessary, and work is the only reason why I'm not just telling them to keep him in the hospital indefinitely until he starts eating again.

More later.

(Oh, by the way, Chef Tim Lanigan at Glennon has some kickass BBQ.)

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Anonymous said...

Your mom and Bev always were kind of heroes to me (even if they were younger), for reasons you may have guessed. I've added you and Julie to my list of people I truly admire.

I don't know if I could handle what you are going through and I hope I never have to find out. You both are truly amazing people. I just wanted you guys to know.

I'll pray for all the kids on the 4th floor and sick kids everywhere. Special prayers for a special little guy named Andy.

I love you all and I know in my heart that things will work out and years from now we will be telling him about all that he went through and what a tough little guy he is. Take care and thanks for the blogs.