Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello Me, it's Me Again

We're back in the hospital. In fact, we're in 4302. That room sound familiar?

Ok, so here's the whole scoop.

Andy showed signs of pain on and off yesterday. Possibly the port re-access from the night before, or possibly the intermittent pain from the Vincristine taking effect, or possibly he's building a tolerance to Oxycodone, or maybe his surgery wounds are still aching. My guess is that it's all of the above.

He really started getting fussy around 9:00pm. His temp was hovering right around 99.7-ish, so I started paying closer attention.

Finally at around 11:00 when he wouldn't go to sleep I called the on-call oncologist. He said to give him more Oxycodone. That did the trick... for a while.

Because of what was going on, I took his temp at midnight then again at 1:00. By then he was still sleeping and his temp was in the normal range (less than 100), so I decided to go to bed. Since Joey was passed out in my bed with Julie and Julie went to bed with a massive headache, I decided to just sleep in Joey's bed. Joey & Andy share a room.

As you may or may not know, it's not easy for me to get to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 1:50.

At 2:00, Andy woke up crying. I changed his diaper. He became inconsolable. Screaming, crying, he was in pain. His temp was 100.2. That was my cue. I called the oncologist, he said to get him to the ER.

A $50 ER co-pay, 8 (yes, EIGHT!) wet diapers, 1.5mL (yes, one point five mL) of Morphine, 4.5 hours, and a LOT of screaming later, we're back here in good ol' 4302 with all vitals back to normal. Andy is FINALLY sleeping.

And nevermind sleep, it's time for me to get to work since I'm so low on PTO, can't afford to take off work without pay, and won't have time to make up these hours. *grumbles about not being able to use EMTO* I guess I'll sleep tonight... hopefully.

* EDIT * Please do not call the room before 10:00 this morning! I don't want the phone to wake Andy.

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Stacey said...

Hello, it's Stacey from Kids Frist. We just want you guys to know Andy is in our prayers. Mom and dad also. We want to thank you for keeping us updated on Andy and the family. You are doing a great job dad. We are checking the site I don't know how many times a day. We just want you to know we are thinking about you. God be with you and bless you.