Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 4

We're still in the PICU. Andy's doing exceptional. He's still on a morphine / Tylenol combo for pain, but he's doing well. He's been awake a little more today than yesterday, but not too much. And that's good.

He had to get some blood. It turns out he's O-. It's really cool that he's Type O Negative (yeah, like the band). :)

It's possible he may be back to the 4th floor tomorrow.

Mommy will be going home tonight to spend the night at our house with Joey and Emma. I just can't bring myself to leave, so I'm not leaving.

It's looking like Joey probably won't be going to preschool. We don't want him bringing any bugs home for Andy. But that's not a big deal, he'll start kindergarten on time.

All in all, we're still positive. Tomorrow (Monday) is a big day, so we'll probably have a significant update later tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny and Julie,
Just wanted you to know we love you all and are praying for Andrew. If we can do anything, let us know.


Aunt Carolyn &
Uncle Phil

Becky said...

Hey Danny and Julie!

Sounds like great news.....back to 4612! I think that's the room number. Regardless.

I won't be up today, but certainly will tomorrow.

If I can help you out Danny, in any way, you let me know. Aside from little Andy & Joey, you're my favorite nephew!

You're all in my prayers.

Lots of Love

Aunt Becky