Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 18

Andy hasn't had a fever since midnight. This means that it is possible that we could be at home in 24 hours. While it's possible it's not probable. However, if his fever doesn't come back, I have a feeling we'll be home by this time Tuesday.

Just a reminder of what's to come. Andy gets his Vincristine again this Friday. The following Wednesday, that's a week from this Wednesday, he will be admitted to the hospital to begin the process of pumping him full of fluids. The following day, week from this Thursday, he will receive his Cisplatin and get bloodwork for his AFP counts. The next day, a week from this Friday, he will be coming home, chemo cycle #2 started. Soon after, we will have the results of the AFP counts which will give us an idea as to whether or not the tumor is responding to chemo.

Andy's buddy Adam started today against the Braves. Looks good so far. Top 8, 4-1 good guys right now.

Nothing new going on. Just a lazy Sunday on the 4th floor.

Andy won't take a nap, of course.

I've had better days, I've had worse.

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